How Our Quality Assurance work in Overseas?

As Woods Furniture's Quality Assurance, I know that consumers browsing the web could be forgiven for thinking that many similar items of wooden furniture are in fact identical. It is a therefore my responsibility to illustrate the difference between different pieces of furniture.

A reputable manufacturer such as ourselves will take the time to point out signs of the quality of the timber used to make the furniture, as opposed to some Internet traders, who may care only for the sale and not the substance. I hope that the following guide will help you, a valued customer, to understand how our products differ to those of some other online retailers.


Here are two bedside cabinets which I purchased locally in NZ in order to inspect and compare the quality of the two pieces.
To the naked eye, the two cabinets look very similar in style and seem to be made from a similar type of wood.
The bedside on the left I purchased online for $255. It was advertised as being made of solid oak.
The bedside on the right is my own factory manufactured product, from the sought-after Cambridge range.
The first difference to mention is the design of both items.
The bedside drawer on the left has a square top. However, the Cambridge chest of drawers has a bevelled machined top. This adds to the uniqueness of its design and hence its appeal as a stylish item of bedroom furniture.
Next there is the question of colour. The Cambridge has the same colour throughout, whereas the other bedside has lighter drawer fronts and darker legs. The left hand side drawer is not in fact made of solid oak, thus it is lighter than the Cambridge bedside which is made from grade A North American White Oak. This is why on the Cambridge product the colour remains consistent throughout.



Now let’s delve deeper.
I can clearly see that the $255 bedside has a different backing, namely a sheet of very cheap plywood which has been stapled on.
Our Woods Furniture's Cambridge range bedside on the other hand has a full solid oak back. This ensures quality and full stability to the unit.
Another point to mention is the tops of the units from behind.
The unit on the left isn’t in fact a solid top. Instead, it has a ‘sandwich’ of timber, made up of a cheaper timber with just a slither of an oak veneered top.
The Cambridge range top on the right has a solid top throughout, again manufactured from grade A North American White Oak. My job as Quality Inspector is to ensure that all our pieces are made only from this sought-after material.
This photograph shows the internal construction of the $255 bedside. It demonstrates that the drawer frame is actually constructed from soft wood pine which meets a sheet of plywood at the back. From a Quality Inspector’s point of view, this type of corner cutting is unacceptable.


 By looking at the internal side of the chest I can also see that the material is not oak. It is in fact the back of a slice of oak veneer. This demonstrates that the unit in question has complete oak veneer sides, supported with a pine cross bar panel. To the right is an image of the internal WOODS FURNITURE manufactured unit.
The difference is immediately clear. You can see the solid oak back, the solid oak drawer runners, solid oak cross bars and of course the solid oak sides to the units. This unit is clearly 100% solid American White Oak. The differences will continue to astound you, so read on.



As you can see, the drawer boxes on both drawers are different. The left hand drawer box is not made of oak and is instead made of soft pine, which is a cheaper material, whereas the Cambridge drawer box is manufactured from 100% solid oak. My role as QA ensures that this is the case with every item in the Woods range.

By this point you have probably fully understood the differences in these units. There is, however, one further point to consider, a point which I, as Quality Inspector, feel is important for you, the customer, to note.
The Woods Cambridge range is clearly made of solid oak, whilst its lesser counterpart is simply an oak frame filled with a middle veneer. This is what causes the shade difference between the two. Of course the view below is also a great view to demonstrate the huge differences in the actual size of the bedisdes too!

From studying this series of pictures, it is clear to see the difference between buying an item of furniture from a trader online, or purchasing an item from a reputable manufacturer such as myself.
It is simple to buy direct a 100% Solid North American wood furniture unit from Woods Furniture.
Hopefully you can see the full advantages of ordering from the direct manufacturer, namely real value for your money!
But even the QA admits that they look the same on the Internet:
Of course, we know now that these two products are totally different.
Luckily, you have found our website, where you can order your top quality 100% solid oak furniture direct from us at Woods, the actual manufacturer. This ensures that you get the finest quality furniture direct at the lowest price, instead of some cheap imitation.
Woods Furniture – Solid oak furniture, built to last, as guaranteed by me, the Fortune Woods Quality Assurance.